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Helios Gear Cutting Tools

We offer a full line of gear cutting tools including hobs, shapers, and milling cutters in both bore and shank type designs. The Helios line of cutting tools also comes in several materials such as carbide, high speed steel, and state-of-the-art matallurgical materials that increase tool life while controlling cost. All Helios gear gutting tools can be provided up to AGMA AAA specifications.

Superior Coatings

We also offer fast delivery times and a variety of tool coatings, such as TiN, TiAlN ("Futura Nana"), AlCrN ("Alcrona"), AlTiCrN ("Exxtral Silver"), AlCrTiN ("Tigral"), and TiAlCN ("Variantric").

Superior Tool Life

Helios fine-pitch carbide gear cutting tools feature a significantly superior tool life compared to typical tools. These tools are ground such that the tooth profile is 100% accurate from the front to the back of the tooth. This is accomplished without altering flute widths, providing you a tool with a significantly longer tool life. For comparison, typical hobs have an accurate tooth profile only about 23 from front to back.

Superior Metals

Helios medium and coarse-pitch cutting tools are produced using a state-of-the-art high speed steel material for green cutting applications. This metal can provide superior tool life versus typical high speed steels and can approach the performance of carbide tools. Even more impressive, this increase in tool life comes at a cost comparable to high speed steel!

Gear Hobs

We offer Helios gear hobs with single or multi-start threads and in profiles to suit our customer's needs:

  • finishing involute
  • involute spline
  • skiving
  • cycloidal
  • pre-grind
  • pre-skive
  • other special profiles

Helios hobs can be manufactured with most standard inch and metric bore diameters. They also cover a wide range of configurations:

High Speed Steel Carbide
DP module DP module
Pitch 0.767 – 84.667 0.3 – 33 4.233 – 508 0.05 – 6
inch mm inch mm
Diameter 0.787 – 12.60 20 – 320 0.236 – 4.724 6 – 120

Please note 1/2" diameter bores for carbide tools are only available up to 48 mm outside tool diameter.

Shaper Cutters

Helios shaper cutters are offered in high speed steel and include the follow types:

  • typical types for cutting splines
  • form tools
  • internal tool cutters
  • shank type gear cutters for internal gears and splines
  • straight bevel generating tools

Our shaper cutters are offered up to a maximum 1 DP (25 module) and maximum diameter of 13.4" (330 mm).

Milling Cutters

Helios milling cutters are offered in high speed steel and carbide materials. They include the follow types:

  • involute milling
  • overlapping and non-overlapping
  • single- and multi-row rack milling
  • worm milling
  • spline milling
  • rotor milling
High Speed Steel Carbide
DP module DP module
Pitch 0.635 – 50.8 0.5 – 40 as fine as 508 0.05 and up
inch mm inch mm
Diameter up to 11.811 up to 300 0.236 – 3.150 6 – 80
Width 0.079 – 1.181 2 – 30

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We also have a limited number of stock hobs available for immediate delivery.
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